PrestoMortgages not only does mortgages but is also a major provider for loans in Ontario. You do not need to bother with payday loans or the rigid rules of banks when looking for the loan that is right for you. We do everything from mortgages, HELOC, short term loans, long term loans, car loans, loans for debt consolidation, loans for businesses, and more!

Personal Loans

We can offer you an unsecure personal loan or a line of credit to get you the flexible funding that you need. Whether you are looking for funds for personal expenses, resolve a financial situation, pay for renovations, or consolidate debt – a personal loan can be a great way to bridge the gap. We offer great rates and easy installments on personal loans.

Depending on your financial situation we can get you the funds for your personal loan from many sources. We can give you access to Canada’s top lenders, or we can lend you the funds ourselves. PrestoMortgages is a leading lender and broker in Ontario. We can get you the loan you need regardless of the financial situation, bad credit or not. We look at the total picture!

Low income? No problem! We have several solutions for customers with low income earners.

Consolidate your debt

Loans are a great way to consolidate your debt. You may find yourself in a situation where credit card bills are stacking up, loan payments are overbearing, and you are paying a lot of money in payments. A simple solution to this is to go with PrestoMortgages; we lend for debt consolidation! We have been helping customers with debt consolidation in Ontario for 35 years.

Sometimes debt consolidation may be difficult because other lenders and banks will turn you away because of bad credit. At PrestoMortgages, we do not run you through the same treatment, we understand that financial situations change and help you find the funding you need to consolidate your debt. Call us with confidence, we do not turn people away!

Bad Credit Loans

PrestoMortgages has been providing bad credit loans in Ontario for 35 years collectively. Bad credit can be an unfortunate circumstance, banks and lenders will use it to deny people when in fact they are on their way to recovery. We do not place these constraints on our clients. We work with you to understand your financial situation and properly assess a loan for you despite bad credit.

Whether you have good credit or bad credit, PrestoMortgages has a solution for you! We will get you the funding that you need.

We can go above and beyond for you if you are in bad credit situation. Not only can we get you a loan if you have damaged credit, we can work with you on credit repair. Presto have been helping customers consolidated debt and rebuild credit, giving bad credit loans and engineering a recovery plan for them.