PrestoMortgages not only does mortgages but is also a major lender for loans in Ontario. You do not need to bother with payday loans or the rigid rules of banks when looking for the loan that is right for you. We do everything from mortgages, HELOC, short term loans, long term loans, car loans, loans for debt consolidation, loans for businesses, and more!

Personal Loans

Most banks in Canada advertise availability of personal loans or lines of credit that are not secured against assets. If you dig a little deeper, the credit and lending restrictions they apply make it very hard to qualify for any meaningful loan amounts. In recent years, most lenders have been scaling back their lending programs for personal loans.

PrestoMortgages has a full suite of loan offerings to match whatever the reasons for borrowing. We have the pools of funds to provide you with whatever financing you need. We offer competitive interest rates and lend based on our vast experience in lending and financial planning.

Low income? No problem! We have several solutions for customers with low income earners.

Car loans

Presto are also happy to offer financing for car loans. If you have found the dream car and are looking for a car loan in Ontario, we can offer competitive financing to get you into the vehicle you want! We deal with customers who have good credit, bad credit or damaged credit for car loans. PrestoMortgages have the capital and cash to make your dream a reality.

Our vehicle financing terms are flexible and based on us taking the time to understand your financial needs. Whether you are looking for your dream car, work vehicle or otherwise – we have the means to finance a car loan for you.

01. Don’t fall into the Payday loan trap

There are other alternatives for finding loans rather than payday loans. PrestoMortgages has the funds available to get you financing, speak with us today for options. We have been helping clients in Ontario for 35 years to get personal loans, car loans, bad credit loans, mortgages, and more!

02. Customized solution for you

At PrestoMortgages we have worked with clients from all walks of life to get them the loan financing they need in Ontario. We take the time to understand personal and financial situation and find the best product for you. Our approach is not one of product processing, but one of collaboration to help you get the loan you need while making sure your financial situation is accounted for.