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PrestoMortgages have a 35 year history in Ontario, Oshawa and the Durham region. We are experts in making your homeownership, mortgage, second home and financial dreams come true.

01. Oshawa’s premier end-to-end mortgage brokers

At PrestoMortgages we offer our services for purchasing new homes, self-employed individuals, equity mortgages, second mortgages and more. Our specialty is in in situations where clients find it hard to get a new mortgage, renew an existing mortgage or are in a poor financial situation such as poor finances, bad credit and high debt. We make sure you stay in your home, or are able to get the mortgage financing that you need

02. Bad credit or high debt will not block you from renewing or getting a new mortgage

PrestoMortgages are experts in situations where clients are in poor financial health. Big banks will often apply restrictive terms that will not allow clients to renew their mortgages on favorable terms or outright refuse to lend funds on a new mortgage. PrestoMortgages believe there is more to our clients than numbers, we have helped our clients for over 35 years in the Durham region and Oshawa to keep their properties and homes. Contact us in confidence today!

Private Mortgages in Oshawa

When a traditional mortgage is hard to get due to credit reasons, a private mortgage is an excellent flexible tool to bridge the gap. At PrestoMortgages we are experts in private mortgages in Oshawa. Do not rely on high interest credit cards or payday loans to keep your monthly budget afloat. Private mortgages offer several benefits that range from flexible payments, adaptive terms and customization to your financial situation. We make sure that you are at comfort with the product and use it to graduate you to higher tier lenders.

Second Mortgages

Home equity (built through the principal balance paid off through mortgage payments) can be used to release funds for important life events and other key uses. You may need to cover educational expenses, weddings, pay off accumulated debt or meet the needs from an unforeseen life event. PrestoMortgages are Oshawa’s experts in second mortgages. A second mortgage is a much more efficient lending vehicle than lines of credit, payday loans, or credit cards. Contact us in confidence to learn more about second mortgages in the Durham Oshawa region.

03. Mortgage Renewals in Oshawa

Every mortgage comes with terms that see it renewed after a period of time. In many cases you can use the renewal as an opportunity to get a better rate. However, often times your life circumstances are different since you originally signed your mortgage. This can make renewal challenging, with big banks potentially refusing to lend if your debt ratios are high or credit/beacon score low. PrestoMortgages are the mortgage renewal expert in the Oshawa Durham region that can help you renew your mortgage and stay in your home. We have 35 years of experience and several customized solutions and products that can be used to give you the mortgage payment and terms that suit you.

04. Mortgage Refinancing

You can use home equity to refinance your mortgage to release funds. PrestoMortgages are Oshawa’s expert in mortgage refinancing. Whether you need funds for a life event, home renovation, tuition, pay off debt or invest – we can help!

Debt Consolidation and Bad Credit Loans in Oshawa

The first step in recovering from a situation where you are overwhelmed by high debt is to make the payments more bearable. Stacked payments from multiple credit cards at +20% interest and lines of credit can cripple your budget. Even worse if you fall behind on payments, your credit will suffer and getting new credit will become quite hard. PrestoMortgages can help – we have creative solutions to consolidate debt for our Oshawa clients and create a structure that makes credit recovery more sustainable. Over time your payments will rebuild your credit, pay down your debt and you can go back to a lending tier for consumers with high credit.

Directory of Mortgage Brokers in Oshawa and Durham

MA Canada Mortgage Network

36 Park Rd. S Oshawa, Ontario L4C 8B3

Upper Canada Funding Inc.

419 King St. W P.O. Box 30598 Oshawa, Ontario L1J 8L8

Realty Executives Parkwood Inc.

215 Simcoe St. N Oshawa, Ontario L1G 4T1

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