Belleville Mortgage Lenders

When you need a mortgage, think PrestoMortgages. If you have great credit – we promise to offer you the most seamless customer experience and the most competitive rates. If not, no problem! Some lenders only serve a particular subset of the population (typically those with a higher credit score), we do not discriminate. Instead, we focus on identifying the mortgage solutions that best fit our clients’ lives. If you’ve been turned away by a credit union, a bank, or another traditional mortgage provider, let PrestoMortgages show you what makes us different!

01. The End-to-End Mortgage Brokerage in Belleville

Mortgage lenders are notorious for rescinding loan offers when the homeowner’s financial situation is altered. At PrestoMortgages, we simply see these situations as a challenge to be overcome – not a deal breaker. Whether you’re trying to purchase a rental property, a second home, or a brand new house, you can count on us to provide a customized solution suited to your specific needs. If your situation warrants a private mortgage, equity mortgage, refinance, or renewal, don’t worry – we can handle that too.

02. High Debt or Bad Credit? We Can Fix It!

You shouldn’t let poor credit or massive amounts of debt hold you back from owning a home (better than paying rent) or keeping the home you already have. PrestoMortgages, a mortgage brokerage based in Belleville, specializes in working with homeowners who are dealing with challenges created by self-employment, high debt, previous bankruptcy, poor credit, unemployment, and more. We pledge to help our clients regardless of their financial circumstances. If you need a mortgage solution, think PrestoMortgages!

Private Mortgage

Private mortgages are not complicated – in fact, they are a simple and effective tool to bridge your financial situation. We help clients who have difficulty with conventional lenders by offering private mortgages as a choice. With a private mortgage from PrestoMortgages, you can be confident that you will be able to meet your payment obligations without stretching your budget to the breaking point. As a trusted member of the Belleville community, we are invested in helping our neighbours keep their homes and work towards a better financial future.

Second Mortgage

Life doesn’t stop simply because you don’t have the money to achieve your goals. Sometimes you may find yourself needing cash to solve a particular problem or to consolidate existing debt. A second mortgage may be the answer you’re looking for, and PrestoMortgages can show you the way. Our Belleville neighbors know that they can rely on us to help them unlock as much as 90% of their home equity. Get in touch with PrestoMortgages today to find out how we can help you with a second mortgage.

03. Belleville Mortgage Renewal

Usually, people will use a mortgage renewal to look for better rates. However, life may have changed and your credit or debt ratios may not be the same. If this happens, banks may give you high rates or refuse to renew your mortgage. At PrestoMortgages, we are experts at keeping you in the home you have purchased. We have been helping clients renew their mortgages despite financial circumstances for the past 35 years. PrestoMortgages are Belleville’s premier expert for mortgage renewals.

04. Mortgage Refinancing

Do you want to use the equity in your property to clear your debts, create an emergency fund, or finance a major purchase? If so, you should consider refinancing your mortgage with the experts at PrestoMortgages. We’ve spent the last 35 years assisting Belleville residents like you with their refinancing needs. No situation is too difficult – let us prove it!

Debt Consolidation and Bad Credit Loans in Bradford

Improving your finances can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you keep getting hit by avalanche after avalanche of debt and high interest rates and your credit score is low. PrestoMortgages offers an extensive selection of solutions to help you regain control of your finances by consolidating your debt so you can pay off your debt in a manageable, steady fashion, thereby improving your credit score and your whole financial outlook.

Directory of Mortgage Brokers in Belleville

Dominion Lending Centres Alliance

357 Front St. Belleville, Ontario K8N 2Z9

Verico Marbelle Financial Services Inc

199 Front Street, Belleville Ontario K8H 5H5

Gary Rorabeck

145 Leland Dr. Belleville, Ontario L6A 2V8

Mortgage Architects Masters

100 Quinte Mall Office, Tower-Bell Blvd 200A, Belleville, Ontario K8P 4Y7

Quinte Mortgage Solutions

217 North Front St. Belleville, Ontario K8P 3C3

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