Aurora’s #1 Mortgage Brokers

PrestoMortgages is a the leading mortgage brokerage for homebuyers and homeowners in Aurora. We are the end-to-end mortgage broker of choice and can help you find the financing you need. Whether it is a prime application or a scenario where a bank or conventional lender is not working – we can help!

01. Full Service Mortgage Brokerage

We have over 35 years of experience working with thousands of clients across Ontario, our Aurora team will bring a wealth of specialized experience local to your market. We can help with:

  • New home purchase
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Mortgage renewals
  • Mortgages for self-employed individuals
  • Second mortgages
  • Private mortgages
  • Bad or damaged credit scenarios
  • High ratio mortgages
  • … and much more!

02. Expertise to help with difficult mortgage scenarios

PrestoMortgages are the brokers you call in Aurora if you are facing any kind of difficulty with getting a mortgage, renewing or refinancing. We can help you keep your property and the lifestyle that you work so hard for. We also have expertise in high debt, high ratio, bankruptcy, consumer proposal, mortgage arrears, self-employment or unemployment scenarios.

Private Mortgages Experts

A private mortgage is mortgage lending not from banks and financial institutions but from investors and private capital. The rules vary slightly on private mortgage and often give you a lot of flexibility to bridge a difficult time in your life. PrestoMortgages are leading provider of private mortgages in Aurora, our experts can guide you through the process and rules so that you are 100% comfortable.

Second Mortgage Financing in Aurora

A second mortgage by definition is another mortgage taken on the same property against the equity built on the home. Because it is a secure loan, second mortgages can be a very flexible way to get cash for an important use; whether you need to pay for a life event or need to renovate. A Home Equity Line of Credit for example, is a kind of second mortgage. PrestoMortgages can help you get a second mortgage on your Aurora property. Speak with us today about options.

03. Helping Aurora with Mortgage Renewals

Every mortgage has a term, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and so on. At the end of the term, you have to renew your mortgage with a new term of similar period for a certain interest rate. This keeps you protected if the interest rate decreases; ,meaning you’re not stuck in a high interest rate mortgage. When a renewal happens, if your credit is good – you can get a lower rate and we can help. However if your credit score is worse and your debt ratios are not acceptable, it becomes hard to renew your mortgage. At PrestoMortgages, we have been keeping people in their homes for the past 35 years through seamless mortgage renewals. Speak with us today about your mortgage renewals options in Aurora.

04. Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing is a great way to release some of the equity in your home. You are allowed to refinance up to 80% of the appraised value of your home. This means you can take out some of the equity in your home for other uses. PrestoMortgages can help you refinance your mortgage for your Aurora home, speak to us today about options.

Debt Consolidation and Bad Credit Loans

PrestoMortgages are debt consolidation experts in Aurora. We have worked with several clients to improve their credit by debt consolidation. We can replace your high interest credit cards by consolidating them into one loan with manageable payments. This will repair your credit and get you whole over time. Speak with us today regarding options.

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