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While residents of Uxbridge may have many choices of where to get their mortgage, you’ll find that PrestoMortgages is exceptional. Our focus is on serving members of the community who are simply ineligible to traditional mortgage brokers due to their high level of risk. In addition to servicing individuals with credit concerns, however, we have a broad range of mortgage offerings which can meet the needs of anyone who requires a mortgage.

01. The End-to-End Mortgage Experts for You

PrestoMortgages is founded on the principle that everyone deserves a place to call home, and this belief informs the way we do business. By developing lasting relationships with our clients and investing in the community of Uxbridge, we maintain a deep knowledge of the market and of the ways in which we can serve our clients, whether they need a mortgage to buy a new property, to refinance an existing home, or another type of mortgage entirely.

02. Meeting needs for special situation mortgages in Uxbridge

For nearly four decades, PrestoMortgages has taken pride in working with clients who have troublesome financial circumstances like bad credit, self-employment, bankruptcy, unemployment, mortgage arrears, and so on. Even if you have been told “no” by other financial institutions, call PrestoMortgages today to schedule a consultation. We say “yes” when everyone else says no!

Private Mortgage

For some clients who are in tough financial straits, a private mortgage is a flexible way to get financing. For Uxbridge residents, PrestoMortgages is also a local private mortgage expert. It is not advisable to try to fix one’s money problems with credit cards, payday loans, or other temporary lines of credit. Choose a financial tool that has customizable payments and offers stability. With a private mortgage, PrestoMortgages will craft a specially-designed plan based on your unique situation so that you can remain in your home and stay within the secure boundaries of your budget.

Second Mortgage

Second mortgages are a method by which a homeowner might retrieve some of the equity built up in their home in order to use it for home remodeling, a wedding, paying off debts, or college tuition, among other uses. The mortgage professionals at PrestoMortgages are highly trained to help you get the very best second mortgage possible (up to 90% of your home’s value!). Call us today to get more information about the options available to you!

03. Uxbridge Mortgage Renewal

PrestoMortgages will offer you the most competitive mortgage renewal rates no matter the circumstances. Especially if things have changed since when you first got your mortgage. If you try to renew your mortgage, you may discover that you are unable to do so due to your adverse financial circumstances. If this has happened to you, call PrestoMortgages today – we specialize in working with people like you to take over your mortgage and get you renewed at a rate that works for you!

04. Mortgage Refinancing

Would you like to get a hold of the equity you’ve accumulated in your home or other property for debt consolidation or meet urgent needs to spend that money elsewhere? One way you can do this is through mortgage refinancing. PrestoMortgages has a great reputation in the Uxbridge community for conducing mortgage refinances with the utmost integrity and expertise.

Debt Consolidation and Bad Credit Loans in Uxbridge

The journey to recovering from relying on debt to finance your life can be full of difficulties. At PrestoMortgages, we take the time to understand how our clients got into debt in the first place before consolidating their debt into one package with a lower interest rate and feasible monthly payments. As the client builds a positive credit history with us, their credit score goes up and they gradually become qualified for more traditional types of loans. Our Uxbridge neighbors know that they can count on us for bad credit loans and debt consolidation. If you fall into this category, call us today to learn how we can help you!

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Inline Financial Services Inc

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