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When given the choice in life, most people would prefer to work with the best professional they can find. If you’re working with any other mortgage broker instead of PrestoMortgages, you are missing out on decades of expertise in the Sudbury market. We have highly competitive mortgage solutions for every type of product and client.
PrestoMortgages also has a reputation for caring for our clients as though they are our own friends and family. As such, we take particular care of clients who are unable to work with more typical mortgage brokers like banks or credit unions.

01. Your Trustworthy Mortgage Professionals

PrestoMortgages will are your partner to battle and defeat bad credit, high debt, and other roadblocks in getting a mortgage. We have multiple solutions that can meet and get around these difficult financial challenges. We specialize in mortgages for clients with high debt, who are self-employed, require mortgage refinancing and renewals, need equity mortgages, private mortgages, and more.

02. Bad Credit? High Debt? Count on us for your Mortgage needs in Sudbury

Being in debt and having bad credit can hold you back from so many things in life. But why should it prevent you from securing a mortgage? The experts at PrestoMortgages don’t think it should, which is why have developed proven methods to help those clients who suffer from financial woes and have successfully employed these strategies for the last 35 years.

Private Mortgage

A private mortgage is a great tool to get mortgage financing at flexible terms and rates so that you can stay in your property. These are especially important when traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions will not lend to you. PrestoMortgages work with you to make sure that the payments are affordable and the terms make sense for your circumstances.

Second Mortgage

Second mortgages are a wonderful option for people who would like to call upon their home’s equity to provide funds, consolidate debt, and are most definitely a preferable alternative to credit cards or payday loans due their favourable interest rates. If you want to know more about how a second mortgage can help you reach your financial goals, call PrestoMortgage today!

03. Sudbury Mortgage Renewal

Renewing your mortgage can be an extremely daunting task, requiring you to compare rates and every possible option to make sure that you have everything you need to make a decision. But did you know that if your financial situation is different than it was when you signed up for your mortgage, your mortgage broker can refuse the renewal? Save yourself the hassle and renew your mortgage with PrestoMortgages, Sudbury’s leading provider of mortgage renewals for over three decades. Our goal is to keep you in your home!

04. Mortgage Refinancing

PrestoMortgages is Sudbury’s reliable source for mortgage refinancing. No matter why you’d like to refinance, we are certain to have the resources to help you complete the refinance in a timely fashion and with minimal stress.

Debt Consolidation and Bad Credit Loans in Sudbury

Debt and bad credit can quickly devolve into a vicious cycle of missing payments and paying off interest, usually at crazy high rates. Bankruptcy starts to seem like your best option. But before you do that, call PrestoMortgages and inquire about our bad credit loans and debt consolidation products, which are designed to help you make monthly payments that are within your budget and bolster your credit score.

Directory of Mortgage Brokers in Sudbury

DLC Near North Financial

860 LaSalle Blvd. Sudbury Ontario P3A 1X5

Family Group Sudbury Inc.

398 Lloyd Dt. Sudbury Ontario P3B 1P3

HomeLink Financial Corp

1033 Barrydowne Rd. Suite 203, Sudbury Ontario P3E 4S6

HQ Mortgages

1210 LaSalle Blvd. Sudbury Ontario P3A 1Y5

Milestone Gold Realty Ltd

151 Applegrove St. Sudbury Ontario L5S 1N9

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