An equity mortgage is based on the equity within the property and its potential market. If you have had challengers with your credit, bad credit, have an income that is hard to prove – we can still get you funding if you have equity in your current home through market appreciation or a large down payment.

The approval process is not complicated as PrestoMortgages has provided many clients with equity mortgages in Ontario. Since we are dealing with a larger down payment or high equity in the house, there is no need to involve insurers such has Genworth and CMHC. We assess the mortgage based on your situation, and do not turn away customers!

01. Get the house you deserve!

At PrestoMortgages, we handle the details, making sure we get you the best mortgage rate possible for your equity mortgage. We take all factors into account when working with you. Unverifiable income, bad credit are not an issue. We treat every customer with utmost respect and get them the funding they need.

02. The right Equity Mortgage for you

At PrestoMortgages, we have worked with clients from all walks of life to get them the equity mortgage they need in Ontario. We take the time to understand personal and financial situation and find the best outcome you. Our approach is not one of simple credit processing, but one of collaboration to help you get the mortgage you need while making sure your financial situation is accounted for.