Are you in a debt sinkhole? We understand! Debt can quickly add up with high interest rates and can end up with you making just the minimum interest payments. We can stop the sinking and get you back on track. It has never been easier to consolidate debt and get back to financial health than with PrestoMortgagesā€™ Debt Consolidation Loans.

We have been consolidating debt through loans for customers in Ontario for 35 years. We are experts at credit repair and financial planning. Our proven methods can take you from deep debt or bad credit to good standing and financial strength in little as a year depending on your financial situation.

Loans to help you consolidate debt

PrestoMortgages offers favorable debt consolidation loans as a way to consolidate your debt.

You may find yourself in a situation where credit card bills are stacking up, loan payments are overbearing, and you are paying a lot of money in interest. A simple solution to this is to go with PrestoMortgages; we lend for debt consolidation! We have been helping customers with debt consolidation in Ontario for 35 years.

We can help you consolidate debt by:

  • Helping you use the equity in your home to consolidate debt
  • Provide a loan to consolidate debt
  • Offer debt counselling services
  • Negotiate with your creditors to lower monthly payments
  • Apply our credit repair playbook to get your back in good standing

Debt consolidation is not a complicated process, but it may seem difficult because other lenders and banks will turn you away because of bad credit.

Customized solution for you

At PrestoMortgages, we do not run you through the same process as everyone else. We understand that financial situations change and help you find the funding you need to consolidate your debt. Call us with confidence, we do not turn people away!

At PrestoMortgages, we have worked with clients from all walks of life in Ontario to consolidate their debt using loans. We take the time to understand personal and financial situation and find the best product for you. Out approach is not one of product processing, but one of collaboration to help you get the loan you need while making sure your financial situation is accounted for.