Get into the home you want, regardless of credit

PrestoMortgages are Ontario’s trusted mortgage lender of choice. We have the power to approve and fund mortgages. Bad credit is no problem! We have solved our client’s mortgage worries for 35 years and would love the chance to help you. We will work with you to understand your financial situation and help you regardless of your bad credit situation.

Your credit might be in bad shape with collection calls, high payments or you may have solved these issues but are left with damaged credit. This is no reason to stop living the life you deserve. We can help you with your credit issues, and also help you get the mortgage with bad credit. We know the laws and rules in Ontario and when we say call us with confidence, we mean it!

01. PrestoMortgages can help with bad credit

As a leading mortgage provider in Ontario, PrestoMortgages has several tools to help you with your bruised credit. Not only can we help you get a mortgage, we can repair your credit and take you from the lowest credit tier to A lending. We specialize in bad credit situations, and you can trust our advice to start fixing the financial situation you find yourself in.

02. Mortgage renewal with bad credit

Sometimes life takes a different turn and the house you are in already and are making payments on can come under threat because your credit rating has gone down since your purchase. Now that your renewal is coming up, you are worried about the reevaluation your lender will do on your credit. This is no cause for worry. While your bank will not treat you right, we at PrestoMortgages will!

We can help you with your mortgage renewal if you have bad credit or damaged credit. We have had years of experience in Ontario solving exactly the same situation described, speak with us in confidence that you will stay in your home and get the right rate for your mortgage renewal!

Mortgage refinancing with bad credit

If you have had bad circumstances with credit, but have built up equity in your home, we can help you solve your financial troubles. We can refinance your home so that you can consolidate and pay off your debt, while keep a good interest rate. This is an easy path to financial freedom.

If your credit is damaged and you have had issues, the banks will turn down your application to refinance your home. Call PrestoMortgages in confidence. We have been refinancing mortgages with bad credit in Ontario for years and have helped people get their credit back on track.

The steps to take

Take comfort in the fact that the situation is not critical. Here are the easy next steps we can take:

    • *Reach out to us!*
    • We will set an appointment to have a comfortable discussion on your financial situation
    • We will come up with a financial strategy for you
    • We will then help you implement this strategy and get you the mortgage, mortgage renewal or mortgage refinancing you need, no matter the bad credit
    • We are a lender and also have access to all of Canada’s top lenders – you will get the funds!

Get the home you want even with bad credit