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PrestoMortgages is one of the most unique mortgage brokerages in Canada. While we have decades of experience working with every mortgage product in the market, we are one of the few brokerages to specialize in helping clients who cannot find a mortgage solution using a big bank or an ordinary mortgage broker. We combine expert advice with unique specialized products to serve every type of customer possible, especially those with credit issues.

End to End Mortgage Experts

At PrestoMortgages, we’ve built a tremendous reputation by catering to and meeting the needs of our customers in Ontario. While we have programs for new home purchases, equity mortgages and self-employed individuals, we are experts at mortgage renewals and mortgage refinance when your circumstances have changed for the worse since you became a homeowner. PrestoMortgages can even arrange a private mortgage for you when conventional methods are not possible. Regardless of your mortgage needs, PrestoMortgages can help!

PrestoMortgages are Experts in special situation mortgage lending

01. Expertise

PrestoMortgages has specific expertise with unique financial situations. Don’t give up on your dreams because of the policies of big banks and institutional lenders – PrestoMortgages can make your home and lending needs a reality!

02. Experience

We have been keeping people in their homes for 35 years in Ontario when they are facing high debt situations, bankruptcies/consumer proposals, bad credit, mortgage arrears, employment issues, unemployment or are self-employed.

03. Coordination

We will co-ordinate the process with you and all the other parties that need to be involved. Implementation of the chosen solution will be quick and stress free.

Private Mortgages

PrestoMortgages has 35 years of experience with private mortgage lending in Ontario. Private mortgages are an excellent source of financing to act as a bridge while you repair your credit or when the big banks have refused to finance you. If you have issues with poor credit, mortgage payment arrears, employment issues, are self employed or are repairing your credit – PrestoMortgages is here to help you achieve your dream. Our private mortgages are structured to make sure you can make the payments and get the funds that you need. We will explain the entire process and are with you the entire way – there are no surprises.

Get a private mortgage in Ontario today, experience the PrestoMortgages difference

Second Mortgages

You have the means and there is a perfect property to buy as an investment, or its time to get that cottage, or you need another home, or you’d like to take a second mortgage on the same home. But when you go to the banks, they run their strict models and the answer is no. This is a typical situation when looking for a second mortgage. We understand that there is much more to a person’s financial situation than the ‘in-the box’ thinking that institutions like to use. PrestoMortgages has been helping customers find second mortgages in Ontario for the past 35 years.

Second mortgages can provide a lot of advantages, in some cases up to 90% of a home’s value can be used for a second mortgage. At PrestoMortgages, we will help you get that second mortgage you are looking for!

Find Your Freedom

Mortgage Renewals

A mortgage renewal is a great opportunity to find a better rate or get more favourable terms with a lender. Did you know that there is no penalty or expense for transferring your mortgage from one lender or bank to a different one? At PrestoMortgages our goal is to get you the best rate for your mortgage renewal.

Mortgage Refinancing

Unlock the equity in your home through mortgage refinancing! There might be other better usage for that equity—paying off debts or to help with a life situation. PrestoMortgages has been providing Mortgage Refinancing services in Ontario for the past 35 years. We know the intricacies of the system and have the ability to get you the maximum amount through mortgage refinancing.

We Love What We Do

At PrestoMortgages, we enjoy helping clients who can’t solve their problems with a regular mortgage broker. Helping those clients is the most satisfying type of work for us. As natural problem solvers, we love working with clients and finding solutions when no one else can.

We Will Save You Money

We can look at your mortgage and debts and quickly tell you how you can improve your monthly savings or reduce your interest payments. We help clients save money every day so they can find their financial freedom. You have nothing to lose and only money to gain!

We Will Save Your Home

Call PrestoMortgages if you are behind in your current mortgage and need help. We can offer solutions that are fast, affordable and will keep you in your home. Don’t waste time, we can help when other mortgage brokers can’t.

We Are Dedicated

At PrestoMortgages, we will work with you for as long as it takes. We understand your situation may be complicated but we are experienced professionals who won’t give up easily to find you an answer to your money problems.